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I'm sure by now (as per my previous posts on this topic), that you won't be surprised to hear me say that your statement querying that you might be "missing out on something by believing in a non-anthropomorphic God"...did not compute! Your statement was quite unnecessary to say the very least as I have not only ALWAYS believed that very same thing but the stories I post here (when they're understood) are replete with that message.

In trying to be just however, I'm wondering if perhaps your aforementioned belief was stated because it's so newly found for you that you were simply overcome at seeing the Light! If so, BRAVO!!! (I always encourage enlightenment!)

Still yet though, it was highly illogical as NO ONE that I saw posting said that they DID believe in an anthropomorphic God.

Oh well I guess that new found ~Spirit~ just got a hold of you!

Enjoy! *S*


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