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O.k.! This is my story:

Before the Advent of Time and Space, when all were still One...
Past, Present and Future were given the awesome responsibility of procuring a place for the Divine
The Past suggested it be placed at the bottom of the deepest ocean for safe keeping,
but the others did not feel that this was the right place.
The Present suggested it be placed on top of the highest mountain.,
But again, the others felt that this too was just not the right place
Why don't we place it {{{within}}} people themselves the Future suggested.
Yes! They all cried in unison! That's what we shall do! We shall place the Divine within.
And so, all 3 made a pact to work together in the placing of the Divine.
They agreed that every ~Soul~ incarnated would would carry it within their ~Heart~.

They would carry it within their ~Heart~ Center.

Past knew that many would still go to the Ocean
Present knew that many would still climb the Mountain
But Future, who was gifted with Faith, knew that one day
Man would realize that his Quest would be fruitless untill he embarked on...

The Eternal Flame Of The Divine Shines Brightly With In Us All

Just Waiting To Be Re~Discovered

Once found,

We will again be ~Home~

We will again be ONE

~*Donna*~ (~Ducking already~)

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