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rs & Art....(God's Chair) ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ rs...

Iím glad you liked the lastest story I submitted, but in all truth I wasnít "running it up the pole" to see who salutes it. I do however have to admit that I always find it interesting to see who does! LOL What can I tell you? I was born curious and in all likelihood Iíll ~pass on~ that way. Thatís not to say (of course) that I couldnít change if I wanted to, but right now, I donít foresee that happening!

I just love looking at life through curious eyes. It makes the Journey here ~tres~ interesting!!!

O.k. Now to the ~*Heart and Soul*~ of your post.

You asked what I was trying to tell you. Well Bob, Iím not actually trying to ďtellĒ you anything. I merely submitted the story, a story I found both touching and interesting (for a number of reasons), for the examination and perhaps reaction of those who felt so inclined to do so. Thatís the ~Spirit~ with which I submit ALL of the stories I post. That you were one of those who did read it and even comment as well....

.... intrigues me greatly! LOL

We might not always agree...but Ye are indeed a BRAVE Soul for stepping out with your open and honest opinions and I do indeedy salute that. It's no wonder at all that you have (and have had) such a happy and successful life. You're a participator, not just an "observer". That's exactly the way I am, and so, I understand you well! (At least that part of you! LOL)

Anyway, as for the meaning of the story, well, I think we both know that the chair did not ďkillĒ the man. I also think you know me well enough to know that I wasnít at all trying to say that. I also wasnít saying however, that what was in the chair was a ďfigment of his imaginationĒ! *S* No rs, what was in the chair was as real as real could be...FOR THAT MAN!

Iíll extrapolate about what I mean in a subsequent post (should you feel the need for it *S*)....but bascially speaking, the gist of the foundation of my philosophy is something which Iíll submit for your examination shortly.

Not too long ago you had asked me if the stories I post here were my original works or the works of others and I told you truly that they were the works of others. I also told you however that I do write as well!

The following will be a sampling of the latter.

What Iím actually going to do is post 2 versions of the same story. The 1st one (as I've been told) has it's roots in antiquity. It's something I came upon while I was ~surfing~ the web. The second version is my re~write. I have since learned (from the Web Master of the site where I got the 1st copy) that there is a 3rd copy floating around.

Actually I guess mine is the 3rd copy! LOL

Anyway, because the essence of the story is the crux of my personal Philosophy, I (naturally) wanted to include it on my web site. The re~write was my efforts to take out some of the little nuances that bothered me about the 1st copy!

Iíll be back with both versions in a bit. I have to get mine off my Web Site and find the other one in my archived E-mails.


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