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The Old Folks Jim Donnelly Artful Codger On 02/22/2000 6:38:00 PM, DJ Lost wrote:
>What site is it that you are
>finding all of this
>information on?

I've been all over the lot. The LDS site seems to have the most information on it but I haven't yet found anything there. I've also looked through the passenger lists of pehaps 200 immigrant ships, and there are innumerable web sites devoted to families and extended families. It seems to be a growth industry, no doubt because the computer saves one from having to go to libraries and newspaper offices and county courthouses and so forth.

The NYC Dept. of Records and Information Services of the Municipal Archives on Chambers Street will do searches of their records and send you a certified copy for--I forget how much--ten bucks, I think--for one person in one city/borough through one year, $2 per additional year, $2 per additional city/borough, $5 per additional copy.

I have a form sitting here ready to send them but I don't expect much from it. I'm looking for the death record of a family member who died in the flu epidemic of 1918 and I've been told that there were SO MANY deaths that the city's data collection procedures broke down.

Next week, too, I'm planning to go through a microfilm of the Evening Telegram (published daily from 1867 to 1924) looking for a mention of an uncle who was a bootlegger; he was murdered in the early days of Prohibition by being thrown in front of a subway train. The Times, of course, took no notice of an incident like that. I had e-mail from a woman who said that the story of a relative of hers, a POLICEMAN who was killed by a gentleman who was engaged in ROBBING A CHURCH, wasn't considered news fit to print by the Times.

Jim Donnelly

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