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-gasms Harry White hrwhite Sex in a boat - oargasms
Sex with a nerd - dorkgasms
Sex at the entrance of your house - doorgasms
Sex on the carpet or linoleum - floorgasms
Sex at the supermarket - storegasms
Sex with wild pigs - boargasms
Sex at a Stephen King movie - horrorgasms
Sex with a prostitute - whoregasms
Sex with a storyteller - loregasms
Sex with an accountant - boregasms
Sex while sleeping - snoregasms
Sex with Arthur - Dudley Mooregasms
Sex while broke - poorgasms
Sex with a lion - roargasms
Sex for hours and hours on end - soregasms
Sex on a golf course - foregasms
Sex with a nymphomaniac - ready for moregasms
Sex in a gold mine - oregasms
Sex with a dermatologist - poregasms
Sex on the beach - shoregasms
Sex at an all you can eat buffet - smoregasbordgasms
Sex in Asia - Singaporegasms
Sex on the way to a train - all aboardgasms
Sex that isn't very satisfying - there's the doorgasms
Sex during hay fever season - sporegasms
Sex with a cookie - oreogasms
Sex with a meat eater - carnivoregasms
Sex with a vegetarian - vegegasms
That's the end -nomoregasms

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