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Dogs and Computers Charlie Joseph CharlieJ Hey DJ,
That's one dog list I don't know, but I know German Shepherds are high on the list of shedders.
Since we have several and truck 'em around for training and stuff, my Explorer is very hairy. One day a couple of years ago, I had to interview a guy for a job. Since I work around aircraft, we wear casual clothes at work. When I have to interview someone, I pick them up at our company headquarters building in town and bring them out to our site on the base to show them what the job is all about - and I tell them not to dress up for the interview - wear casual clothes. With this poor guy, I forgot to tell him that. The poor guy showed up in his best suit and we hopped in my Explorer and went out to the base. I almost croaked when I saw his back when we got to the site. It was one of those hair magnet suits. Oh well, I hired him, so it wasn't too tragic for him.


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