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God's Chair Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Art, yer absolutely right!

I believe in Ralph (bowing respectfully). He started out as the god of golf shots. Please Ralph, not into the trees!
I figured the real god of the Christians and Jews wouldn't have time to bother about my so-called golf shots. So it seems I invented a new deity. My kids think I believe in him. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. It depends on whether I'm in the trees or not. If I hit the green, by some miracle, I know he exists. If a really pretty girl smiles at me (one did, last year) that's how I know there's a real capital "G" God. I don't know who invented him, but I'm really glad they did, otherwise I might have to do the job myself. As long he's built in our image, He's (She's?) all right with me.

This reminds me of what on of those ancient Greek pre-Socratics once said, you know the guys who were waiting around for Socrates to come along, Xenophanes by name: "If the cows could draw, their gods would have four legs."

So I figure if other people have the imagination to invent all sorts of gods, and to write stories about their supposed doings, why can't I. After all, I'm from FawCawnahs and can do anything that doesn't land me in jail, although I agree, that is sometimes a close question.

So, I appreciate the literary merits of Donna's sometimes occult postings, and don't want to see them stop. The lists can stop, but not Donna's well-constructed stories. It's just that I find them irresistible to respond to with a different point of view. A twisted point of view, perhaps, but, hey, when you come from FawCawnahs, what can you expect.

Now those Westerleigh guys, when we weren't eating their lunch, they had it right! :)

I'm not sure whether Ralph is anthropomorphic or not, but he sure is the guy to bring in when you're trying to hit the green in regulation, something I once did, so I know He, She, or It really exists. Can you imagine an It god?


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