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oil and gas prices Dan Blaine DBLIVIT The prices for diesel and gas here in Germany are around $4 gallon. Some guy driving a diesel automobile went into the supermarket and bought some liter bottles of cooking oil (their version of Crisco). He put it in his car's fuel tank and it worked great. I might add, he did not modify his car in any way. He now uses it exclusively, and it only costs him about $2/ fuel tax!

To check it out, the local TV news station set up camp at a gas station, and everytime someone came in to tank up with diesel, they asked them if they would try cooking oil instead...the program would supply the oil and if there was any damage incurred, they would pay for repairs.

So far, a dozen people have tried it and their cars seem to run just as well on cooking oil bought off the shelf. The TV station also had an analysis done on the exhaust fumes and they had less damaging residuals than with standard diesel additives!

I wonder if this will catch on, and what effect it will have on the world's fuel oil cartels?

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