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Politics or Family, Con't Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Charlie, that was the nicest thing you could've said about that attempt to sort things out, convoluted tho' it is. I owe you a dinner when you're out here again, as I'm really touched. Ain't my fault the subject is convoluted, or the way I happen to think is at least as convoluted. If you went to Curtis, you'd think convoluted, too. Come to think of it, I think you mentioned you did some time there, too. Maybe all NewYawkas think convoluted. We sure talk that way sometimes.

So I appreciate your comment very much, and Jan's contribution that led to it.

You know, I practiced immigration law for about a dozen years, alongside criminal law, before I had to make a choice, towards the latter. It was too much to keep up with all of the new laws and regs in the immigration field, but practice it I did, for a good while. It was my window on the world outside San Francisco, which has all sorts of people in it. That's the part I liked, make that loved, the most. In my practice I've gotten to know, and I mean really know, people from communities of the world I never knew growing up in FawCawnahs. I'm talking about Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Palestinian, Hungarian, Iranian, Gypsy, and others I can't think of offhand. Italian, I forgot Italian. Irish, too. How could I forget them? Or the Orthodox Jew who asked me not to do any work on his case on Saturday. Like that was a big risk. But I guess he had to ask to stay in good with the Big Macher in the sky. So I honored his request and felt holier for the effort. Did I mention Black and Hispanic? I did. That'll teach me to have a drink when I write.

When I get involved with a new client of some background that's new to me I get the greatest kick out of reading about it and asking about it to see whether what I've read is true. It's like, "I get paid for doing this? This is amazing."

Any rate, I've just finished a big case and I feel like writing, so that's what I've been doing. Before I finished it I felt like writing because I wuz working on it and this was my escape. So now you know why I've been around so much. Some day I'll tell you about it, 'ceptin' it's too heavy to boil down here, so it'll have to wait 'til I get good and ready. All I can tell you is it was a world class case and you can believe it when I tell you I did a world class job. My client believes it, because she gets out inna coupla months, as against the 25-life she was looking at, and the DA believes it because it's his pocket I picked about as clean as a guy from StatNisland is ever going to do anyplace, anytime. Or anyone else, for that matter.

Am I feeling good? Hell, I could even go for Fleet Week, about now.


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