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Software Help Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu harry,

dj is right ya gotta do comparison shopping for software cuz there are too many different prices around for same thing.

now what to choose.

office 2000 professional edition is a great set. i have been using it in the office for some time now -- testing it out on 300mhz laptops as well as regular pc's .

i also like word perfect suite which i thing is far superior. it's a better software package for reading documents in html format. ms office, i have found is as frickle as a bunch of fleas on a coon dogs back.

norton system works 2000 --- the full version of utilities and anti-virus software -- i highly recomment it. however, i also recomment you get a second anti-virus package simply because one anti-virus software package will not catch some types of new viruses. i actually have three different anti-virus software packages in the office and at home here and i check all downloads useing all three. taks a bit of time, but i so far, have not been hit with a virus. had a few near hits, but got em all.

the rest of the stuff can't comment on since i use basic netscape e-mail. kiss as they say.

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