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21 Gun Salute Neal Mulligan neal To Polish the floors we used a weighted brush
that we put a blanket under. I hated it. It was tough work, we did it all Saturday morning until 11. I think we then washed up and went to lunch about 8 minutes before 12 this caused you to miss hearing the top song on the "Your Hit Parade". I always knew what songs were 10 through 2-3 but never NUMBER ONE. I've been permanently scarred since.

We got those 14" inch TVs in the Spring or late Winter of 51. We'd watch Bishop Sheen every Tuesday. And one of the local stations played a matinee movie at 6:30 or 7 over and over. There was one movie about a blond wrestler that never seemed to go off the air. I hated it. It was that, or some Oater staring Guy Madison. Remember how the picture would flip constantly?

Lets see: Jots and jelly, corduroys, no number one hits, 14' black & white screens, rerun B westerns, Bishop Sheen, Guy Madison and Andy Devine, all washed down with cocao. Or yah I,m adjusted.

Happy Trails,


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