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Opinion? Harry White hrwhite DJ, I think it is wonderful that you are willing to take in this young man. He appears to have no home life except for you and your family. You are talking about taking on a lot of responsibility. You and your family appear to have talked this over and are willing to accept the responsibility. There are some serious financial considerations, how will medical/dental expenses be covered? Your health insurance will not cover a non family member. The insurance is the most obvious financial area but there are probably others. If you can work out the finances then go with your heart.
Check with a family attorney. The boy has rights. I believe he could request being removed from the abusive family situation he lives in. It could be traumatic for the boy to request being separated from his parents. No matter how abusive the family is the child will feel some love/loyalty to his parents. On the other hand living with his biological parents is also traumatic and unhealthy for the young man. So in addition to the family attorney some counseling is probably in order for the young man.
I think the butt-out advice is all wrong. It is the easy way but in my opinion the wrong way. You are offering to help a young man who is in an unhealthy family relationship hope and a future. I think that is great. I admire you and your family. You are making a difference. Even if it does not work out you have made a difference in this young mans life. You have shown him that people care. You have shown him love. Go with you hearts. Hopefully the law will help him.
PS There is no similarity between this situation and that of Elian. This young man is old enough to be making decisions on his own for his own well being. Not the case with Elian.

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