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Question of the day Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu very interesting question. i thought about this and suddendly i realized why my wife is always nagging me about where i leave my shoes, keys, photo id for work etc.

my mother and father always took their shoes off when they came home from work. my mother sat on the left end of the couch --- my father in his chair. my mother took off sher shoes and put then on the side of the couch under the end table. my father did the same only beside his chair.

in the morning they would go to where they left their shoes. lord help any of us who moved their shoes.

i still do the same thing. when my wife moves my shoes i start shouting why am i wasting my time looking for my shoes? my wife would yell back, put them away in the closet. no way i tell her, leave things alone.

well you guessed it. both my children do the same thing and my grand children are doing the same thing. it drive my wife nuts.



yea, i am smilling all the way out the door to work as my wife is yelling at me to put things away where she wants em.

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