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Question of the day Marguerite Rivas sipoet My mother always used to drag us out of the house, or sometimes to other parts of the house to witness something that she found odd, beautiful, etc. For example, she would bundle us up and make us go out and look at the moon if she thought it were particularly beautiful or drag us away from our toys to come and look at the way the trees made shadow patterns on the wall. Heaven forbid a cardinal should be roosting on a tree nearby; all activity would stop and we couldn't breathe until they passed. This type of activity was combined with much excitement on her part, sometimes boredom on ours, but she did it constantly. It wasn't until a couple of years ago when a blimp flew over our house did I realize that I do the same thing. I bundled my barefoot sleepyheads up in blankets and raced outside with them to see it. Most of the time I'm met with "oh that's nice mom" and a lot of eye rolling. But you know, I realize that my mom was teaching me how to see. It helped me a lot in my later life, in my career, and in my art. I realize now that it was a gift to be dragged out of bed on a summer morning to watch dragonflies mating.

Marguerite (who is really missing her mother this morning)

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