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Favorite Spots Dan Blaine DBLIVIT 1. Fishing at Martlings pond

2. Getting a 10 cent slice of pizza at Nunzio's when they had a stand under the boardwalk at May's landing in South Beach.

3. Riding on Tirelli's merry-go-round at South Beach.

4. Shooting "moskeet" at the Zimmer club in New Springville.

5. Fishing for stripers at the end of Cromwell center.

6. Sleigh riding at Silver Lake

7. Caddying and playing golf as a "fence jumper" at Silver Lake before they had riding carts.

8. Rowing at Willowbrook

9. Fishing for snapper blues and fluke off the cattle barge next to Shoals at Great Kills.

10. Cuttin' through Goodhue woods on the way to Goodhue pool.

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