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Question of the day C Connelly mcgil Today as I was putting ketchup on my son's hamburger, he started laughing at me because I was trying to get every last bit of ketchup out of an almost empty bottle. At that moment it hit me -- I was turning into my father! This was something that he used to do that drove me crazy as a kid. Nothing could ever be thrown away if there was even a smiggen left in the bottle. When I thought about it I realized that this has started without me even realizing it. First it was the shampoo, then the toothpaste tube and now the ketchup. It only goes to show that whether we want to be or not -- we are our parents.

So, THE QUESTION OF THE DAY is - What do you find yourself doing that you picked up from your parent's without you realizing it? (Things you say to your kids don't count -- we all do that.)


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