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Opinion? Diane J DJ Lost My son, who is 16 has a best friend who is about 6 months older. They have been best friends for a while now, and are very much as close as brothers.

His friend, TJ, spends a lot of time here with our little family (there's just the 3 of us) and we have all grown very close and protective of him, much like our own son.

TJ's dad is an alcoholic. He travels a lot and is only home 1 week a month. His mother is not very involved in his life and does not live in the house w/ him and his dad.

TJ is a good kid. My husband and I do not want to see him take the wrong path because of bad influence at home.

When he spends time with us, he is amazed that we have dinner together and conversate. We talk to him as if he were our own, so when he screws up, we let him know. When he does good, we let him know that too. He is always in awe of how good we get along. Obviously something he is lacking at home.

We are relocating to another state in June and have asked TJ if he could, would he like to come live with us. We would take responsibility for him. We would provide room and food and all. He would only have to concentrate on school and what ever part time job he might want (he has been working for 6 months already).

He said he would love to. We told him, think about it. Speak with your parents. If they say it's ok, then you're welcome to join us.

He spoke to his dad, (who btw, just drove his car into a building - drunk, then fled the scene, hid at home and when the cops came looking for him, he made TJ deal with it and lie for him) His dad said NO. NO way.

I wonder, if we should contact our lawyer on this. I wonder if we should wait till he's 17 then have him make his own choice.

Any opinions?

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