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The Old Folks C Connelly mcgil Are you using the Morman site? We have all the details on my mother's norwegian family, mainly because so many relatives were alive when she did it. However, my father's family has been a puzzle. I just found the baptismal records of my German great-grandfather and his siblings through the Morman site, but was unsuccessful in finding anyone else or any other information once they arrived in America.

Since all of my ancestors settled on SI when they landed, all records are in the NYC archives -- which are not on the web. To access these records you have to either do it in person using microfiche or have detailed information to request by mail. Last year I needed a copy of my grandparent's marriage certificate, I had all the correct information that they needed - I sent in the form and a money order for $10 in February and finally received a copy of the certificate in July. It goes to show that the inefficiency of NYC is not conducive for an effective search.


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