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Favorite Spots Robert Sheridan bobsheridan I worked four summers at Great Kills Beach staring at the swimmers, make that waders, and when I think back to a lot of the good times on the Island, it's Great Kills I think of most.


PS: Was "watching the submarine races" a local custom or did they call it that elsewhere. Since I never was a kid elsewhere, I dunno. Whenever I mentioned to some young thing that this is what I thought she might enjoy doing, and I know where to go to do it, I always got a smile; sometimes a perplexed smile, but a smile.

Of course, I didn't invite just anyone to enjoy the submarine races. You hadda be a good friend of at least twenty-minutes standing, and I had to have met you in one of the better places around town, like the Buddy-Buddy Club on Clove Road, or on a blanket on the sand. I wasn't overly choosy.

But, then, neither were the folks who accepted, so it was an even deal with no complaints.

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