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Slow Day Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu jan

twent my fault. i culdn't help it if da mattress was dar when it wern't suppose ta be. it tw's da drink i tell ya, da drink.

besides, by little girlie didn't get pinched, i was real careful -- probably cuz i didn't know wot i was a doin.

anyway, shes all a grown up now and got a little girlie of her own. called her liliana jean. i of course call her girlie or squirt.

talk able a quitie --- just like my daughter was at her age.

now my grand son --- well he done tinkled on every one who has held him cept me. i am just da lucky one.

fyi, got a picture of my son and daughter at age 5 and 3 respectfully ---- well am in the process of have a picture taken of my grand children now 5 and 3 respectfully. watta ya wanna bet, most people won't know who is who???


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