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Freebie Diane J DJ Lost
Here's what I hate, and I know I can't be alone on this one:
I'm surfing the web, I find a site I like, so I bookmark it. A
few days later I'm back online and I want to check the site
out again, but I realize that I bookmarked the site on my home
computer, and now I'm on my work computer, so I'm out of luck.

Clickmarks solves that problem by allowing me to bookmark into
their system, so I can access my bookmarks from any computer,
anywhere. Bookmarking is a snap with Clickmarks--I don't even
need to be at their site--I just drag and drop or use the
remote feature. I was able to import all the bookmarks I
already had, and the simple layout makes organization easy.
Bookmarks are always kept private, but they're easy to email
to friends (so everyone will know that you find the best sites
on the Net).

Get it at:

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