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the nudie burgler Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu harry,

ya all been snow bound tooooooo long. ya got any company up dar in da mountains wit all da snow?? or are ya alone"?????

da nudie burgerler (as in ham burgler) was caught wit his panties down if da news paper story is correct along wit da video tapes.

dats why i asked the question orginally. i wud like ta see a copy of da video before passing judgment from here in lanham, maryland on da mason dixon line????

on yea, i am an imported yankee wit true real live north american indian blood in his vains.

also got a lot of anti-freeze in da blood called ----

yep ya all guessted it ----

southern comfort --- 86 proof.

good sippin wiskey when ya wanna wild da evenings away with ya girlie friend..


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