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Trivia Diane J DJ Lost
Why are some constellations named for animals that
they don't really resemble?

The Answer:

Do you ever get the feeling that whoever originally named some
of the constellations might have had, well, stars in their
eyes? For example, the stars in the constellation Ursa Major,
The Great Bear, do not look the part. There's no bear there,
as far as I can see. Where is it--hibernating?

To paraphrase Shakespeare, the fault, dear reader, is not in
our stars, but in our position in relation to those stars.
It's changed over the centuries since the ancient Greeks,
Romans, and Egyptians named constellations after the familiar
animals these groups of stars seemed to resemble then. Now, if
you connect the dots, what had been a bear or lion could look
more like a rabbit or cockroach.

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