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the nudie burgler ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ On 02/20/2000 3:34:00 AM, jcl wrote:
>You are absolutely right
>DJLost. Use words other than
>LOL and ROTFLOL on this board
>and a few people will have to
>grab a dictionary.
>I have no opinions on this
>man's guilt or innocence.
>That is up to a judge or a
>jury of his peers. And I
>offered no defense for his
>alleged actions.
>If he is convicted or pleads
>guilty, I have no doubt he
>will appear on America's
>Dumbest Criminals. FYI - I
>the show is starting a segment
>for people who boast of
>driving 100 mph.

Whew Wee! You sure are pinning a medal on YOUR chest there aren't you???? Vocabulary Judge and Jury are you now??? Or..... are just Psychic now knowing which of us here know which words??? LOL

Did you really think that we were impressed (or better yet lost *LOL*) with your itty bitty (and probably FIRST EVER) attempt at a post??? I'll clear your fog right now. The only thing I took away from your post was your totally negative, very sarcastic, and high and mighty attitude.

BTW.....FYI "mr perfect" (deliberate lower case letters) your sentence structure was off. You said: "That is up to a judge or a jury of his peers. And I offered no defense for his alleged actions." You should have either made it all one sentence or lost the "And" completely!

Perhaps you were so busy studying your vocabulary words that your grammar lessons escaped you! LOL

As for the issue of the TV show expose's and such....well....I thought you might find it interesting that I'm in the process of compiling a library of POSTS to someday come together as a book!

You just wouldn't BELIEVE the LIBRARY I have...and it's getting bigger EVERY DAY! *ROTFLOL*


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