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Hey JR~~~ Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Thanks, Charlie, for all the info. Didn't realize the list was so long, or complicated in meaning. Guess if you're in the biz you know that stuff cold, and if you don't know it cold, you ain't in the biz.

Speaking of military stuff, I saw the author of "Blackhawk Down," the story of the battle of Mogadishu (October, 1993) interviewed on TV today, a rebroadcast from May, 1999, to promote the paperback issuance of his book. He spoke to combatants on both sides, higher-ups in the Pentagon, watched the video clips of the fifteen hour battle, and listened to hours of radio transmissions (all transcribed).

Sounds like an amazing book. There was mention of a website,, if I remember correctly.
Author states that this tragic incident, where we lost eighteen soldiers, has influenced Clinton White House policy regarding commitment of ground troops ever since. Hence the air war on Belgrade and Kosovo.

Just thought I'd mention it in anticipation of reading it.


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