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Garbage Night! ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~

Hey Dee-jay! It's goin GREAT! How's about with you???? It DOES seem like forevah! Girl! I've just been so busy! What with my new business up and running, readin charts, healin people, impromptu preaching.....

You know! Doin all the regular stuff! LOL

Anyway, back to the trash!

Isn't that JUST like a kid to forget to bring the danged trash out!!! Do you know that I originally read your post wrong? I thought you said that you were getting a new home because the garbage took up all of your present one...but you were ACTUALLY saying that you're getting the GARBAGE a new home! Right? I'm sooooooooo confused! LOL

Anyway.....What can I say about GoodWill! Apparently, they do have their standards, don't they? LOL


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