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Garbage Night! Diane J DJ Lost On 02/20/2000 8:42:00 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>Soooo What's new in GARBAGE in
>YOUR town???? *LOL* I just
>KNOW DJ has some great stuff
>to talk about it!
>Sooo C'mon out with it DJ!
>I eagerly await! *LOL*

Oh, HEY! Dah-Nah. How goes it. Haven't seen ya in forevah.

Trash.. boy have I got trash.. My son didn't take the trash out on Tuesday and missed again on Thursday. Now we have a garage full of trash.. The garbage men are gonna leave me a big fine!!! LOL

Since we are going to be relocating soon, we have so much stuff to go thru.. we are tossing all kinds of stuff... especially all the ugly gifts we got from family at the holidays (ROFLOL) now come on everyone has at least one closet full of that crap.

I am just getting it all a new home.. the dumpster or who ever dives in first!!!

You know you have crap if Goodwill won't even take it! ROFLMAO

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