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Hey JR~~~ John Ritter JR The BJM I kept is a 1942 issue for those non salts that is translated to Blue Jackets Manual, published by the U. S. Naval Institute as the bible for sailors. It thought you everything you needed to know except how to tailor uniforms and pick up gals.

I agree with Charlie about the "V" in CV! The first two real carriers the Saratoga and the Lexington were build on Cruiser hulls that were buing built at Newport News. The number cruisers were limited by a treaty after the end of WW I and the navy has the smarts to convert them during the building process to carriers. The "C" came from being designed from a cruiser hull and has stuck. From Charlie's list the CV's and CVN's come after all the CVS's were taken out of service and indicates that the airwing has both an attack and anit-submarine functional capability although the ASW guys are considered stepchildren to the fighter and attack squadrons.

The Hornet CV-8 was commanded by Captain Marc. A. Mitscher who went on to serve as a true hero during the war and also was the early mentor of Admiral A. (31 knot) Burke who later became CNO during the Eisenhower administration.


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