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Hey JR~~~ Charlie Joseph CharlieJ rs,
This is probably more than you want to know, but here ya are. Why V for aircraft carriers? Since only carriers that can handle fixed wing aircraft (as opposed to rotary wing - helicopters which they can also carry) carry the V, it probably has to do with the fact that Naval Aviation squadrons that fly fixed wing aircraft have V as the first letter of their prefix. Why V? Who the hell knows. Helicopter squadrons are more logical in that the first letter of the prefix is H.
Actually I have been told that the V indicates 'Heavier than air' as opposed to blimps which were lighter than air and were thus designated L, but was changed to Z before they were eliminated completely, but may be coming back. And that V was used because H was taken by Helicopters (which are also heavier than air), but that can't be right because the Navy started using V for fixed wing before workable helicopters were invented. Probably some Admiral said, "let's call them V - I like V - my cousin is named Vinnie (from SI)"

CV-Carrier Vessel
CVA-Attack Carrier
CVS-Anti-Submarine Carrier
CVB-Battle or large carrier
CVN-Fixed Wing Nuclear Aircraft Carrier
CVAN-Attack Nuclear Carrier
CVL-Light Fleet Carrier
CVE-Escort Carrier
CVV-Sea Control Carrier
CVT-Training Carrier
CVX-Experimental Carrier
CVBG-Carrier Battlegroup
CVHA-Helicopter Attack Carrier
CVHE-Helicopter Escort Carrier
CVU-Utility Carrier
ACV-Auxiliary Aircraft Carrier
AVG-Auxiliary Aircraft Carrier
AVT-Aviation Training Carrier
ASW-Anti-Submarine Warfare Capable Vessel
AAW-Anti-Air Warfare Ship
VTOL-Vertical Takeoff/Landing Vessel
V/STOL-Vertical/Short Takeoff/Landing Vessel
AZ-Airship Carrier
AV-Seaplane Carrier
CB-Battlecruiser-Alaska Class
CC-Battlecruiser-Lexington Class
LPH-Amphibious Assault Ship
LPD-Amphibious Assault Ship
LHA-Amphibious Assault Ship
LCC-Amphibious Command Ship
LSD-Amphibious Transport Dock

There's a lot more, but this covers most.

BTW JR, My BJM is the 1950 edition. What's yours? Or do you still have it?


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