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Bachelors must marry or pay tax - R. Carroll Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu irene,

i can agree with you partly, that is as a father of two. but then what would happen if ya kept them always ??/ there would be no grand children. and guess what, the grand children are the best things a mother and father can be bless with by their own children.

i just love it when we all get together at our house here on thanksgiving. the 8 foot dining room table and the 6 foot kitchen table of filled to the brim with plates, silverware (not real of course), glass ware (chrystal of course except for the children) and all the trimmings I and my wife spent the previous day preparing.

it starts at noon and usually ends around 9 or 10 pm even with all the dishes done.

ya gotta let em fly from the nest. when they fall, we are their to help pick em up and fly again.


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