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Fleet Week in SF Gina * Gina On 02/19/2000 9:58:00 PM, bobsheridan wrote:
In Part:

>Ya know, Fleet Week in SF
>ain't a half-bad idea...
>Lemme tellya what goes on, as
>far as I know, which ain't
>much, I've gotta admit...
>...Very impressive.
>You could probably get a drink
>in San Fran if you came out.
>A lot better than meeting in
>the Caffe Roma, which is where
>we go to get straightened out
>after the depth charging.
>Happens in September, if I'm
>not mistaken.


Gee RS could "U" really stand that much company & all at once LOL..... JR would most likely bring his famous Ritter Bar(s) & I heard CharlieJ owns ya one - now on the other hand Oldtimer said "U" owe her one or two LOL


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