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(No Topic) ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ On 02/19/2000 3:37:00 PM, JR wrote:
>Bob talks about attracting a
>buncha responses from a
>posting. Our statistics on
>the web site are geared in a
>direction towards
>individuality. How about
>another category for hits to
>postings by an individual.
>Kind of a grade on how
>interesting the subject is,
>and might steer some to more
>interesting subjects!

Your idea is an interesting one JR (very telling in many ways actually *S*) but it's also very unsound logically. That this web site is "geared in a direction towards individuality" is a bit like saying Tuesday comes after Monday. As for the "counting" business well...I'm confused. This Web Site already "counts" the number of "hits" a post that can't be what you're referring to. If what you did mean was that the number of RESPONSES would be counted, well, I suppose I need to point out that just because someone doesn't post a response...

....doesn't mean the original post wasn't interesting.

One could just as easily assume that a HIT followed by the lack of a written response was do to inability on the part of the reader!

Either way you look at it, any statistics compiled would most definetely not be valid for a scientifically sound conclusion and therefore nothing more than mere...

.... assumption.


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