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Hey JR~~~ ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ On 02/19/2000 12:23:00 PM, bobsheridan wrote:
>I thought JR's lead-in to his
>King Neptune's Court saga
>particularly well done,
>attracting a buncha responses
>in kind which were also well
>I kinda liked hearing all da
>Navy lingo. I'm guessing an
>FOD walk is to pick up Foreign
>Objects and Debris on the
>flight deck of an aircraft
>carrier, aka "bird farm," in
>order to protect the jet
>planes from sucking nuts and
>bolts and the like into the
>turbines and causing all sorts
>of excitement.
>I like things that make me
>Like what Donna looks like on
>-rs :)

Well "wonda" about me no more! As a child I always liked "pretty" costumes! I was, after all, a girl! *S* Now that I've grown into a woman however......I have a woman's ~ideals~

French Maid is good! *LOL*

As for JR's post...I wasn't making any comment about the content, nor that of the responses it received. I was just making a statement saying that I noticed his "NO TOPIC" titles and that they appeared to be becoming something of a signature for him! *S*


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