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Hey JR~~~ John Ritter JR I thought FOD was all those sailors running around the flight deck in funny colored shirts. When I flew in the E-2C it was always a night tripple cycle flight. The A/C (# 600-604) would always be parked near the LSO platform behind the arresting gear. It was the only prop aircraft assigned to the airwing. The ready room they used for the flight briefing was up near the bow (Ready # 2). We would walk the flight deck in the dark with jets turned up everywhere from the bow to almost the stern, really crazy.
I got blown down twice by A-6's, once in the day time and once at night. That is the opposite of FOD. Was in a crash landing on the USS America. All five walked away but my neck and left shoulder still hurt when the WX changes. All Navy ships are engineering marvels but the carriers and subs are the most impressive. We all need to go visit RS during Fleet Week in SF and see the ships!

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