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Calling Card ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ rs....

*LOL* I'm glad you liked this one rs! I do so try to please! *S* As for no one believing the "Governor" part of your business cards...and the fact that you're going to ~scrath it off~....well...I nod my head in honor of that!! *LOL*

Now, when someone DOES call you in you'll know beyond all shadow of a doubt that it was on account of your INNER ~Essence~ and not for your TITLE! *S*

Not to get to John Lennon~ish here...*LOL*....but can you just IMAGINE a Universe where the ONLY thing we all "saw"....was the spark of Light that shines within us all....and not the "IMAGE" we attempt to project! *S*

As for the authoring of them...No! I do write, but I din't write any of them and...YES! I do find them on various web sites that are geared up for that kind of thing. Sometimes I also get them in E-mails from terrific Friends.

We always net~work the GOOD STUFF! *S*

And YEP! I will indeedy KEEP EM COMIN!


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