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The Moon Cannot Be Stolen ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ On 02/18/2000 9:37:00 AM, DJ Lost wrote:
>I think I will give it a
>shot... this is my opinion
>only, and does not reflect the
>thoughts of Mr. Harry (LOL)
>Although he had no material
>possessions, he, the Zen
>Master, still had wealth. He
>knew his place in life and was
>at peace and needed no
>material possessions to live.
>(although if he lives in the
>mountains he's bound to get
>cold with no clothes, LOL)

BINGO DJ!!! You (of course) got it kid...and I'm not at all surprised! Material possessions are only considered WEALTH by those with low standards! *S*


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