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Destiny ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ On 02/18/2000 8:54:00 AM, hrwhite wrote:
>I believe that is called
>stacking the destiny. Harry

Good answer Harry! I like that! *S*

I guess you could say that ......because the concept known as "Destiny" is most indeedy a PARTNERSHIP enterprise....and not at all a SENTENCE! Unfortunately, not as many people who should realize that

Other words that could be used to describe the scenario are: Psychology! Affirmation! Focus! Self~Empowerment!

I saw the following on a key chain once....and I never forgot it. It said:

Some people watch things happen.

Some people make things happen.

Some people wonder: WHAT THE !@#$ JUST HAPPENED!

I always find it interesting to see the various factions mentioned above "work"! I find it even more interesting to see which people fall into which group! *S*

Maybe that's why the ZOO never really turned me on much! Who needs to watch the ANIMALS when "humans" are so interesting! *ROTFLOL*


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