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NYC Hard Rolls Neal Mulligan neal How I miss those Sundays, I had the paper route which took all morning to do. I'd stop at a Bed & Breakfast on Amboy Rd in center of Pleasant Plains run by a German immigrant name Frieda, I think. She would make me two toasted fried egg sandwiches, with running yokes. I'd read the Sunday Daily News, I loved the justice story in the middle. (Once they had a story about a murder committed around the turn of the century in Springfield MA. The killer was electrocuted. It was of special interest because the house where the robbery and murder took place was the last place I lived in Spfld. before moving back to NY in 1950.) Then it was off to deliver the Times and Tribs, Journal Americans, News and Mirrors. The Times and Tribs were so thick I did them in stages and it took all A.M.

Then to Tottenville and the movies, unless it was on the third list. I sometimes went anyway. Nearly got caught sneaking into "Moon is Blue". I never did get to see it and had to depend on my buddies for details which were grossly exaggerated. I finally saw it in 1967 and for days I assumed it had been edited. Later I found out the offending part was the dialog. They said the word virgin. Have times changed or what?



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