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JR's Royal Blood John Ritter JR The Belly button (an inee) was coated with a small amount of clean catapult grease, aprox. one ounce on top of which was lightly placed a fresh, right out of the jar cold Marachino
cherry. The shellback candidates approached on their knees with their backs to me so they didn't get to see what happened to the guy before them. With hands behind there backs they approached to get the prize, the cherry. As there heads went down, I locked my feet behind there knees and with both hands now full of grease pulled the head into my greased belly and provided about a pound of grease to the head and face. There were special games for those who tried to bite the belly. Part of which was going to the end of a very long line of wogs. The ships XO and embarked admiral were both wogs and still send Christmas cards to the guy they know as the "Royal Baby!"

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