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Cheap? (NOBLE GESTURES) Charles Evans Cron Dare I come to the defence of Hillary? Of course only as it relates to tipping. I have a few times been in the company of some very rich and famous people, traveling, attending functions, general work related stuff. I have noticed that these people are very preoccupied. Yes, glad handing, image posturing, etc. it's expected of them. Also safety is on their mind. They do forget from time to time their social graces. Muhammad Ali didn't pay for his Sprit at a soda stand just walked away, he was preoccupied, I went back and paid, never said a word (till now), By the way, Muhammad gives most of his money away. One more incident comes to mind,James Conn jumped in the back seat of my car when I was holding the door open for my mother, just preoccupied, he really is a nice guy.

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