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Cheap? (NOBLE GESTURES) Bob Corsale bobC On 02/15/2000 8:35:00 AM, DJ Lost wrote:
>Does anyone have any more
>detail on the waitress? Like
>her name and the address of
>the restaurant?
>I would love to send her a
>couple of dollars! No kidding.

This was cut & pasted from today's NY Daily News (bobC)

Hillary Didn't Tip Her, But Some Strangers Do

Daily News Staff Writer

An upstate waitress who was stiffed by
Hillary Rodham Clinton last week has been
flooded with tips from sympathizers.

Trish Trupo, 31, has gotten nearly $1,000 in
gratuities from strangers as far away as
California who read about the First Lady's
lunchtime faux pas in newspapers and on the

"I'm a little blown away," said Trupo, a single
mother who works for $2.90 an hour plus tips at
the Village House Restaurant in Albion.

"I've never met these people. But they're
writing cards saying, 'I'm a single mother, too'
or 'I'm a waitress, too.' They're saying, 'You go,
girl!' Well, the only place I go is to work."

It was busy at the diner Feb. 8, when Clinton
and her entourage walked in from the campaign
trail for a bite.

The manager told Clinton it was on the house,
and Trupo took the order: a double helping of
scrambled eggs, home fries and rye toast.

"She was wonderful," Trupo said. "She was very
nice, very personable. She even autographed a
takeout menu to my son."

But then Clinton glad-handed her way out the
door, and no one left a dime on the table for
Trupo. Faster than you can say "ham and eggs,"
Jay Leno was poking fun on "The Tonight Show."

"Now, my phone has been ringing nonstop,"
Trupo said. One of the calls was from a
red-faced Clinton.

"She apologized for not giving a tip," Trupo said.
"She said I was a sweetheart." But Clinton
didn't say anything about a tip.

Original Publication Date: 02/17/2000

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