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Reply to: Response to Edward P. Morgan III Charles Evans Cron A little off the subject Artie, my family would have a child from the Mount stay with us during the holidays, generally Thanksgiving or Christmas, this was early to mid 50's. The child was always a boy 8-12 yrs. old but a different child each time because often that same child would be elsewhere visiting family. I have very fond memories of those visits, the kids we had, as I recollect, were like any other kid, we had fun, got in a little trouble playing with matches, my idea not his, good in sports. This is what sticks in my mind. When it came time to take the boy's back we never had to drag them and I was always invited in to hang out and meet some of his friends, play some football (pretty rough guys). We would always promise to stay in touch but you know how that goes.
P.S. My brother-in-law lived at the Mount, I would not mention his name here for privacy reasons, he's OK, for a Brother-in law LOL.

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