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alumni of Mount Loretto Neal Mulligan neal Dear Artie,

Thanks. I've been in touch with Al over past year but no luck on the names I listed. I had misplaced his number and thanks for that too. At last years alumni day only one bro from my stay was there. A Jeff Waxwieler who came to the Mt. in Mar. or Apr. of 51, was in fifth house with me and left in June 54, a couple of months before I left.

I also went to the cocktail hour at the Mother House in May. Sr. Rose Assumpta my 5th grade teacher was there, as was Sr. Dominica, who I had in eight grade. Gerry Gugliamo a JC when I was in fifth and six house and one of the Hodges' also a JC.
The younger brother of a fifth house mate, Bob Garcia was there as well.

I had a great time. Sr. Dominica is the Order's Treasurer and I'm an accountant and we talked shop. She confided in me that she hadn't wanted to stop teaching, and especially didn't want to come back to Hastings. As she put it "you know how a Mother House can be", guess I'm no longer a kid.



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