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Reply to: Response to Edward P. Morgan III Arthur Smith Artie Anonymous,

I sympathize with you… To have carried around with you all that excess baggage of anger and bitterness for these many years must have been, and apparently still is, a terrible burden. How did you react to the Marine Instructors and the manner in which they handled discipline problems?

What confuses me is why you chose Mr. Morgan to unload your pent-up emotions on rather than use an open forum for this purpose. To use your personal experiences in an attempt to explain his sister’s actions or reactions is not necessarily helpful. Many people act and/or react differently to different situations and experiences.

While I am certain that you truly believe everything you have related, (and there are many facts in your narration) I don’t believe you should have applied that “broad brush” you referred to, which painted Mt. Loretto and everyone associated with it. By comparison you make Mt. Loretto appear less desirable than “The Black Hole of Calcutta” and “Devils Island”.

My observations are based on the fact that for eight years I was a resident of Mt. Loretto. In 1944 I graduated from Tottenville High School and was inducted into the Army. The daily routine at the Mount stood me in good stead during basic training when many others had problems adjusting to the transition. Other than myself, there are many former Mt. Loretto boys, and girls, who had their own good and not so good experiences and went on to lead productive and psychologically adjusted lives. We were taught discipline, schooled and participated in most sports. I come in contact with many of them almost every year on Alumni Day. Some have become priests or nuns.

Hopefully, your stay at Mt. Loretto played a part in making you a better and more productive person.

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