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NYC Hard Rolls Bill Rex Bill A little help from you people who still live on the Island. Where is a bakery on SI That has good hard rolls, you know crisp on the outside, full and soft on the inside with a good taste.
I had the occasion to go to the Island about three weeks ago.I was recommended to a place on Watchogue Rd. called Jimmy Max, it is an Italian restaurant.
What a delightful surprise. Great waitress named Carol (I went to school with her father) food was really good and after all the very expensive places that I have been going to the prices were great.Imagine Paying only $6.95 for a spaghetti dinner and only$2.50 for a large glass of good wine.
I would appreciate any help you can give me about the hard rtolls.I now live in Lakewood NJ and the bakeries here really suck. Thanking you in advance:::Bill

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