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Mount Loretta - Friendship Club Neal Mulligan neal I don't understand to current discussion but then I missed Morgan's message about his father. I spent 4 years at the MT. It wasn't home but we were well cared for. We had a private beach, in need of maintenance, but it was ours. We could go home on weekends, there were stay limits, 2-3 days per month I think. There were several ball fields and lots of teams to join. Two gyms, several handball courts, and for a while a poolroom.

Jobs which paid a few bucks in the cafeteria and the barn were available. St. Aloysius kept me on pace with the students in Spfld MA when I went Home in 54. Passes to Pleasant Plains and Tottenville were available, and both the "other side" and the cottages had candy stores if you wanted a soda etc. On weekends you were allowed to go to St. George, Stapleton etc. for movies. On Monday and Thursday movies were shown in the basement of the church. I learned to lift weights there from "Joe Muscles" the cafeteria cook.

I was never physically or sexually abused. The bigger boys could be bullies but the counselors kept things from getting out of hand. You could get lonely from time to time because your bro went home or had visitors and you had no one to hang with. But, I experienced much the same feelings when I was home in Springfield and my friends weren't around. If my mother had lived in Tottenville or PP and I had had more access to her--she lived in Springfield in those years and came to visit about every other month-- I would have had no serious complaints. For that matter I'm not sure I have any complaints, anyway.

All in all, I was fed, clothed, educated, entertained, and my time was sufficiently occupied. I made some good friends, with whom I've lost touch, who I would like to see again before I die.

Looking back on my failures in life they are directly traceable to lack of parental guidance and not to the MT.



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