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Mount Loretta - Friendship Club Pat O'Shaughnessy patos On 02/13/2000 1:22:00 AM, Plainsman wrote:
>It figures that a only "low
>life" like you would not
>resist an opportunity to
>deliver a "cheap shot!"
>I don't know who "Anonymous"
>is, but what he says seems to
>have a hell of a lot more
>truth to it than anything
>you've ever posted here.

Plainsman, Invictus, sometime anonymous, and possibly Nadine and whoever you really are. I don't know whether you are the anonymous that posted this original in this thread but the last time you were on the war path against me you stated you didn't go to Tottenville now you claim you did keep your story straight.

This original post seemed to be Catholic bashing to me. The author talked about his family life before the Mount. There were drunken brawls, evictions, running the streets, stealing and selling the stolen items in the bar to his Dad's drunken friends. What a great life and yet the author had his million dollar smile. He should have cashed it in while he still had it. The court removed him from his family
and asked the Catholic Church to take him and his siblings in. From his description of his life before I doubt that this family went to Mass each Sunday and were practicing Catholics but they still took him and his siblings in. He blames the the Mount for stealing his million dollar smile. He talks about abuse from other kids that were in there which in later posts by others allude to sexual abuse by the clergy. Later the author talks about how as he got older he changed roles and went from an abusee to an abuser. He then braggs that he later took his frustrations out upon the clergy and was befuddled when he was forced to leave.

As far as my remark about Marines I have never been able to resist in slamming them. I remember kids going onto the Marines to become tough and coming back from boot camp to even up the score and having their butt whupped again so I have never been impressed.

Finally I've been able to express myself without calling anyone a name, question their intelligence, nor have I lost my cool. I don't know what I have done to piss you off but e-mail me and tell me so I can do it again!


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