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Friendship Robert Sheridan bobsheridan As I said, it's a great story, well told. Inspirational.

All I'm asking is that you tell me up front that it's a story you read somewhere that you're telling me, instead of misleading me into thinking it's you who are the heroic guy, and not somethin' some writer made up. You wanna be the hero, fine, pretend to be the hero. You wanna tell me a story, fine, tell me a story. But when it's over and I think you're great, but then it turns out you're copying, I feel a little let down and will let you know that. No hard feelings. Some people find quotation marks useful to tip off the reader, just like I smile when I tell a joke and pretend it happened to me.


"I got a new hearing aid."

"What kind is it?"

"It's a quarter to five."


You guys get the pitcher.


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