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Cuba Si!~ Neal Mulligan neal Crap! We were told for years that the way to overcome the communists was to be open and democratic. The reason this policy fails is that the communist politicize everything. We simply have flaws and they are extraordinarily adept at focusing on these flaws. We on the other hand at not professional revolutionaries, and therefore do not return the favor. There is nothing we can learn from them. When we engage them, we find ourselves drawn into a debate over how much socialism is needed.

None is needed. It is a evil system socially. It is a complete fraud economically. It has no merit. Isolate them and their silly planned economies will ultimately fail. They cannot compete with free and dynamic markets. Cooperate, and they live longer. They are parasites and exploiters who steal our technology and more.

They are responsible for the deaths of more than 100 million people, mostly their own, and mostly starved to death by deliberate policy.

If you think they permit their people to be affected by contact with us you should have witnessed the fear their athletes expressed when we spoke to them in the dining commons at the US Olympic Training site in Colorado Springs a few years back. They were closely watched by several thugs.

We have all the contact we need. They need us. Let them eat cake.

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