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alumni of Mount Loretto Neal Mulligan neal To Rich Ladieu or any former Mount residents:

I was in fifth house from January 1951 until November 1951. I was in sixth house from November until June 1952. I have a fairly good recollection of those years but less clear memories of 1993 and 1994. I have forgotten the names of most of the Bros on the other side.

In fifth house I recall: John and Joe Brophy
Not brothers, Tony Napoli, John Gaddi or Gatti, John Gioioso(we pronounced it Gadioso)
Pat Malone, Robert Fitzpatrick, Nick Drakitis
Harry Rymer, Al Guzman, Mike Fink (from SI),
James Donahue, Tony Wise, Al Albandoz, Max Neives, Al Ewing, Burke, Cunningham, Ritwager
Joe Foster, Figaro, Jeff Waxwieler, Al Ladd,
Rocco Perrone, Bob Garcia, Robert Ney, Al Alexovich, Rodriquez, Pat McCarthy, Al Antonesio and several faces with no names. This out of about 90 kids who went through the house at that time.

I was in in 5-2 with Sr. Rose Assumpta, who is still teaching. I had Sr. St. Williams in 6-1 she is deceased. I can't recall my 7th grade teacher, but she was very old and most certainly dead. Sr. Dominica was my eighth grade teacher and she is still alive and is the treasurer of the order at the mother house in Hastings.

Jerry Gugliamo, George Chalockian, Hite, and Hodges were the JCs.

Any help? Write me.

Neal Mulligan

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